Nash Center Construction Update

Planning for The Nash is coming along nicely.  We will open the doors on this baby in April 2012!   Our steering committee has a meeting tonight, so I’ll have more info tomorrow.   Here’s the lastest update on where we stand.

  • Our renovation plans are complete and we’ve turned them into the city for approval.  Our architects have done a beautiful job, so put the good vibes out into the universe that we get the plans approved quickly. 
  • We’ve met our neighbors at the Roosevelt Row Merchants Association, and they’re awesome.  We’re exploring partnership ideas, and checking out the local restaurants to see who might supply snacks etc for the performances. 
  • We’ve developed our web and social media presence.  You’re reading this, aren’t you.  You can also check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

That’s it for now.  I’ll have an update for you tomorrow based on tonight’s meeting. 

Take care,

The Nash


One thought on “Nash Center Construction Update

  1. Last night’s 20 minute presentation by our Education Committee chair, Dmitry Matheny just blew me away. The Jazz Center will be a premier showcase for all aspects of jazz education, appreciation and development. The 5 year plan is an ambitious one with exciting components incorporating the best ideas from tried and true practices plus our own innovative programs. I’m particularly fond of the way it integrates existing players into the mix of mentors, teachers and coaches. We have an exciting road ahead and very talented people to lead the way.

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